Friday, November 19, 2010

What would you like to see added to the 2nd-gen iPad?

These are some things that I think could be added to the next generation iPad which I think would help make it a better device.
  1. Carbon fiber housing to reduce the overall weight
  2. Physical rotation lock switch (removed in 4.2)
  3. knurled edges (or rubber hand grips)
  4. Verizon LTE and At&t HSPA+
  5. SD Card Slot
  6. 8 Megapixel Camera (rear)
  7. 2 Megapixel Camera (front)
  8. facetime
  9. Wireless mat charging capability
  10. Ability to charge on 500mA of current like most other USB devices
  11. Ability to change the built-in sounds with any sound I want
  12. Built-in mic for voice commands and voice notes
  13. Retina Display
  14. more RAM
  15. Ability to save home screen layouts to a file with import capability
  16. thermometer
  17. barometer
  18. altimeter
  19. compass
  20. GPS
  21. Gyroscope
  22. vibration
  23. multiple user-configurable physical buttons and switches
Oh yeah, and one more thing. Bring the price down by at least $100.

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