Sunday, July 13, 2008

Epson Stylus Photo R280 printer now works with Airport Express (b/g)

I just finished setting up my Epson Stylus Photo R280 printer on the USB port of an airport express. With third party inks or even with genuine Epson Inks, the ink level monitor does not work but printing and head alignment, etc. work just fine.

for thoroughness I installed the latest Bonjour from Apple on my dell laptop running XP and installed the XP driver for my printer on that and I can print wirelessly from my dell laptop as well. Again, on the PC side the ink level monitor does not work but one can disable it by going into Printers, right-click on the printer, choose properties -> printing preferences-> Maintenance tab -> Speed & Progress -> and check "Disable EPSON Status Monitor 3"

Epson just added this driver update on 6/11/08 so it's likely that some printers that didn't work with bonjour before will work now:

Updated driver for Leopard and Epson Stylus Photo R280

Uncovered: iPhone 2.0 has screenshot capability built-in

I posted this on the AppleInsider forum today when I discovered it. I use another name when I post on other sites.

Here's how you do it...

Push and hold the home button and then tap the screen lock button once. The whole screen will flash and there will be an image waiting to upload when you dock your iphone. It won't have a thumbnail and will just look like an empty square but once you import it into iPhoto you will see that it's a screen capture image.

If you want to press and hold the lock button and tap the home button second that works just as well.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to cheat in RoboKill

If you haven't seen RoboKill yet, then you should immediately check it out. It's a flash-based game that blows the doors off every other flash-based game you've ever seen. Now, you will need a newer computer, preferably one with a core duo processor at 1.66 GHz or faster, because I've noticed that on a 1.2 GHz single-core processor, the game pokes along and is not much fun.

With any good overhead view shoot-em-up game there has to be a quick and dirty way to get all the cool weapons and power-ups you need to blast anything that moves to smithereens. RoboKill is no exception. The more cash in this game, the better and I'm going to show you just how to get as much of it as you want without losing anything.

You will first need to play the game up to level 4. You will need to make it this far in the game because the cheat is on this level.

* At the very first room of level 4 where there is the Merchant, go upwards on the screen into the doorway immediately ahead
* As soon as you enter this room, move to the left or the right so that you fall off the ledge

When you re-spawn in the main room, you can do this again as many times as you want. You will notice that each time you enter that room with the 8 robots, more cash gets added to the piles. It may not look like it at first, but when you are ready to collect it you will see for yourself. You only have to kill off the 8 robots to go collect the piles of free cash.

Now, here's the most important part.... If you want to keep getting more cash from this room, do not exit through the door. Fall off the ledge instead. You will keep your cash and you will be able to go back into the room again where there will be more robots and more cash just laying on the floor. DO NOT EXIT THROUGH THE DOOR.

If you want the most cash possible, equip yourself with 4 cash sensors. My robot is currently at level 26 and has a combined total of 46% increased cash with all the sensors I have equipped. If I go into this room and fall off the ledge about 10 times when I go to collect the cash there's about $5000 just laying there on the floor. And I can do this in about 45 seconds.

One more thing, make sure that the last thing you do before you quit the game is fall off a ledge and get teleported back to the main lobby area. If you don't do this your game may not be saved properly when you close your browser or if you switch to another level you might not have your cash that you just made. For some reason going to the merchant after making some cash will not save your transactions all the time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Solution: How to stop the Dymo LabelWriter registration reminder (updated to version

I use my LabelWriter on a lot of different computers, and I have clients who share their LabelWriter on a network with multiple computers. Installing the software is no issue, however my clients and myself are getting tired of being nagged to register our LabelWriters every single day. There is currently no option to simply "don't remind me again to register" which seems like it should be an obvious addition. There is only an option to "register later", but by later they mean tomorrow. It seemed like the only option to get rid of this nag screen was to proceed with registration. Until I got so fed up with it that I decided to find out how to override this reminder. This should work with any LabelWriter printer.

If you want to never see this screen again without registering, do the following:

Open %localappdata%\DYMO\DLS8\DataTracking and edit Settings.xml. change this:




Then save and exit.  Start up DLS 8.5 and it should not nag you any more.

 I welcome your feedback.