Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to use an at&t microcell with MVNO straight talk wireless

Step 1. You need to be an at&t customer and your phone number must be an at&t number.
Step 2. You must activate the microcell on your at&t account.
Step 3. You then add your at&t wireless numbers (every single one in your household) to your microcell. (don't forget the at&t cellular capable tablets, and don't forget your work phone if you have one that uses at&t)
Step 4. Port your number to straight talk - give yourself about a day for this to be finished.

Once your number is ported over to straight talk, your phone will continue to talk to at&t's network through the microcell.  I spoke to at&t about this and they do not allow you to manage a microcell if you don't have an at&t account.  If you switch over all your phones to straight talk (As I did) you will lose the ability to manage your microcell.  As long as your number does not change and you don't switch carriers your home should continue to provide you with 5 bars of cellular coverage thanks to the microcell.

This same procedure may work for other MVNO carriers that use GSM 850/1900 through at&t.

Confirmed by one of my readers: http://www.h2owirelessnow.com/

Here are some possibilities, gathered from wikipedia.  If anyone has tried any of these, leave a comment.



leonel rahim said...

Have you validated or even tried to do this. I am thinking of doing this but don't want to spend the 200 dollars on a micro cell if it wont work with a MVNO

painful salute said...

I have not tried this on any other MVNO besides Straight Talk. I can confirm that Straight Talk works off the microcell. I can't confirm any other MVNO. I listed some that MAY work because they use the same technology as Straight Talk.

Joseph R. Pruitt said...

Any suggestions for someone who already moved to Straight Talk?

Antoine said...

I am an H2O wireless customer (AT&T MVNO).
As of today, I can confirm that it does work with an AT&T microcell as long as an existing AT&T customer register your number on the microcell.
It changed my life at the office (underground with big concrete walls).
The dude who did this actually recovered the microcell in the electronics dumpster!